2 Doob Tubes

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WATER RESISTANT AIRTIGHT SMELL PROOF. No mess and odor sealing tube secures your smokes snug inside keeping it fresh clean and dry.

CONVENIENT SIZE. Taper Shaped Tube measures 3.75” L x 0.75” Top Diameter x 0.625” Bottom Diameter. UV resistant doob tube fits all your smokes, fatties, tobacco joint, pinners, blunts, swishers, and pre rolls.

CHILD RESISTANT & DISCREET. Safe storage to stash & keep your smokes away from minors and non-smokers.

TRAVEL EASY. For on the go discreet and active smokers. Carry in pockets purses or backpacks. No worrying about damage or breakage.

SIMPLE TO USE. Squeeze top to pop open lid. Close cap and air locked tube will put out the light.